Background Material

Jacques Louis David's painting, The Death of Socrates (1787). The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Wolfe Fund, 1931, Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Collection. Source: Oliver Taplin, Greek Fire, New York, Atheneum, 1990.

A Hellenistic (late fourth century BCE) statuette of Socrates which reflects a portrait of the philosopher constructed posthumously. British Museum 1925.11-18.1. Source: R. R. R. Smith, Hellenistic Sculpture, London: Thames and Hudson, Ltd., 1991.

Read these pages as background information about the trial and execution of Socrates. (Don't use the links back to the syllabus, since they will take you to a different course than this one.)

The Agora in 400 bce (showing the various places asssociated with the trial of Socrates)

Judicial Procedure I (Summons and Anakrisis)

Judicial Procedure II (jurors)

Judicial Procedure III (speeches and water-clock)

Judicial Procedure IV (verdict)

Judicial Procedure V (prison)

Judicial Procedure VI (execution)